• Coal Gasification

    Coal Gasification

    To start the coal gasification process, a certain temperature and a certain pressure are required. To achieve this, the gasifier is brought to the desired temperature and pressure by means of high-power burners. Since the beginning of the coal gasification we served as a competent partner.

  • Hot Gas Generator

    Hot Gas Generator

    Our hot gas generators aim is to provide the required quantity of hot gas in an efficient way and with low emissions.

  • Iron & Steelmaking

    Iron & Steelmaking

    Lance systems for the EAF and steel treatment, temperature measurement/samplig systems for liquid metal, purging systems and much more.

  • Copper & Lime Industry

    Copper & Lime Industry

    Systems for smelter, holding, refining and heat-treatment.

  • Refractory


    From the specific drying up to the precise heating of the refractory material to a target temperature and within a certain time, we provide turn-key solutions for ladle, tundish and Co.

Our Business Philosophy

Our products and services serve the purpose that our customers can produce economically and safely.

That means maximum safety and performance at minimal cost.

Brinkmann quality results from our own claim.

Each employee is meeting these demands.

This is what our name stands for !

Benefit from our experiences.

Maximize the efficiency of your production while minimizing emissions

On this website you will find an excerpt of our product range. If you cannot find your request, please contact us at sales@walter-brinkmann.com or by using our contact page.